I believe that all foods

fit into a healthy diet

Yep, all of them. I practice what I call "food freedom" which means I am free to eat all foods without guilt, shame or fear of what they will do to my body.  I practice this same approach with exercise as well and move my body in a way that feels good and isn't punishment for what I ate or to try to hate my body into changing.

But, I also believe that it's okay to want to change your body.

As long as it's not from guilt, shame or negative self talk

 There ARE some people who need to learn to accept their body the way that it is because losing any body weight would actually be very unhealthy and obsessive for them. But, there are many people who could actually benefit from weight loss and I believe that to be okay


BUT, what I believe is that is has to be God-centered and not self-serving. It can't come from a place of shame or guilt or self-hatred because those things are from the enemy. It has to come from a place of wanting to respect your body and live a fully healthy life that allows you to walk closer to God. 


And, it has to be done in a SUSTAINABLE way the doesn't create restriction or deprivation. Those things are not sustainable for life and those things turn into Idols, which only pull us away from God.


So, I believe we can shed weight from our bodies as long as it's done while knowing your body is a GOOD BODY during the process, no matter what it looks like. I believe you can still eat your favorite foods while doing this.


And, more importantly, I believe in an approach that creates WHOLE health - body, mind and soul.  


Because, usually, the weight you need to lose isn't JUST on your body.  It's in your mind and soul too!


You need to lose the negative mindset that you have around food and around your self and you need to bring God into your journey and look to Him for wholeness instead of your body and the next "quick fix diet" to give you wholeness.


It’s not good to get so wrapped up in “healthy food” or calorie content, that you start developing lists of foods you “can” and “can’t” eat, and miss out on life. It’s healthy to eat a cookie every once in a while – our brains need it! ?  That’s why you will see a variety of recipes on here!


Sometimes I naturally like food that fits into a “special diet” like paleo or keto. But I am not eating those foods I think I HAVE TO. It’s because I like them and I like how they make me feel. But you might find me eating a sugar free almond flour muffin for breakfast and then going out to a “normal” ice cream place for an afternoon snack and getting ALL the sprinkles.


I believe you can do both while on your quest for health and your best, healthiest weight.




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