Go From Dieting & Guilt to Food Freedom (In Christ!)

Discover how you can heal your relationship with food and your body and ditch calorie obsession, shame and deprivation, all while finding your worth and identity in a stronger relationship with Christ 


Are you a Christian woman who struggles with:

  • Negative body image
  • Food obsession
  • Food guilt
  • Restricting food, binging on food, or binging AND restricting
  • Emotional eating
  • Exercise addiction 
  • Or viewing foods as "good" or "bad"?


What Would It Feel Like To:


Accept your body & nix anxiety around weight changes
​​​​​​​Have the solid foundation to uncover your true self worth in Christ and separate it from your body  so that you know who you are, no matter what the number on the scale says. Instead of losing your identity, you will actually find it again! 

ENJOY food again and eat what you want without guilt
Bring back pleasure to eating when you're actually eating things that satisfy you (without guilt, shame or fear) instead of counting calories, macros and trying to fill up on "air food" like rice cakes. 
I know you do it

Get space in your brain back
How many hours in a day do you think about food or your body? A lot right! Get back that time to think about important things that your friends, family and things you ENJOY. Better yet, be present with those you love  because food isn't always on your mind.

Be social and have flexibility and spontaneity 
No more missing events, Googling menus or fearing vacations because of what food might be there or what people will think when they see your thighs in a swimsuit. You'll be able to be present in social situations or unplanned meals without thinking about every bite going into your mouth OR without feeling out of control and binging.

Enjoy your darn life & be healthier while doing it!
Bring joy and fun back into your life when stress, anxiety, guilt and shame are gone.  With stress and anxiety levels reduced, you and your health will flourish!


It IS possible to have all this, while using food and fitness to truly honor your health and honor God in a way that does not take over your life!

This is what you will learn in the FREE Masterclass!



I'm Taylor Kiser

I’m a Jesus-loving certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I’m also a full-time food blogger who creates better for you recipes and runs thriving social media platforms. 


when I was 13, I had an eating disorder and it almost took my life.


Fast forward to my 20’s and I fell back into disordered eating for nearly a decade. I lived in constant food fear. I weighed and tracked everything I ate. I wasn’t able to go out on dates or be present with my husband and family. I thought I would gain 10 lbs overnight if I missed a workout.  Food was constantly on my mind and it dictated everything I did. I lived under rules and restrictions and I hated my body.


Eventually, I said enough is enough and I learned to break free from these rules, restrictions and fears that the enemy used to hold me back from the full, free life that I knew God with me. With God by my side, I am now walking in total freedom.


I believe that health isn’t only physical. It’s emotional. It's spiritual. That is why I believe in health – body, mind and soul. I believe we have an enemy who wants for you to stay stuck chasing this “perfect body” and finding your worth in the number on the scale, what you eat and how you move.


And to that, I say a big ol’ NOPE.


I believe you need to become in tune with the body that God made you and learn to honor your FULL health – body, mind and soul, with intuitive health practices.


I believe you need to pay attention to nutrition and exercise, but not in a way that consumes your life.


I believe you need to learn to go to God with emotions, not food.


And, I believe you need to learn how to love, accept and honor the body that God made for you.


That's why I created a masterclass to help YOU, a woman of faith who desires to honor God with her health and use her food, fitness and faith to fuel her purpose.


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