Go from body hatred to

body respect

I'll help you accept your body & remove food guilt by knowing your self worth so you can live free.

You want a body that you will like but you feel like your worth and identity is now in what you look like. 

Sound like you?

  • You constantly compare yourself to others, or your old self
  • You feel like if you give up food rules, you'll lose your identity & be a failure
  • You don't know who you are outside of the "fit girl"
  • You can give up your food rules, restrictions and over exercising because of fear of weight gain
  • You want to live free from food guilt and shame but you're not ready. Something holds you back
  • You're constantly living in a state of fear and anxiety and self hatred
  • You worry what others will think if you gain weight and if your significant other will still find you attractive. 


Go from Anxious and Fearful

To Thriving, And Free

Join the 2 hour Virtual Body Acceptance Workshop where I'll help you uncover how to separate your worth from what your body looks like, build your self esteem, understand the noise that makes us believe we have to look a certain way and learn to accept and respect your body forever. You can join from anywhere in the World!

Offerred at 2 times

Tuesday October 15 at 6pm CST

Wednesday October 16 at 8pm CST

While I recommend you come live, there is a recording available after if you can't make it!

What we will cover

  • How to build your self confidence, esteem and self worth
  • Why we feel that small is better
  • How to accept and respect your body so you can make peace with it
  • Bonus teaching at the end on finding our worth in Christ for those who want to stay for it!
  • And so much more!

What Others Are Saying


“I used to think “I just can’t do. I’m too scared. My thoughts are holding me back.” I thought freedom would never come for me. But I realize it’s not as scary and it’s becoming easier. It’s the best thing I ever did and feel like freedom is now for me”

Alice Boer


“For the first time in a long time, I  was able to go to a restaurant and order what I REALLY wanted and be present with the people I was with and I wasn’t worried about what was going in my mouth!”

Jaime Rafferty

After years of struggling with disordered eating, Taylor gave me the tools I needed to finally find food freedom! I can’t thank Taylor enough for helping me get my life back!  

Jenna Gianelli

A single mindset shift from this workshop, Could change your whole life

Your Investment is only $50

Which can be applied to further support for your next steps to freedom

Stop missing your life because of fear

Let me help you step into self acceptance and body acceptance no matter your body size