Then Fit & Faithful is FOR YOU

It is possible to ​boost your metabolism and eat more while losing body fat and building stronger muscles… without obsessing over your diet and exercise habits or wasting hours in the kitchen and gym!

Which Of These Results Would You Like The Most?

I am not as hungry and I notice much less cravings for sugar and crappy processed foods





I’ve been eating quite a bit and actually lost a couple of pounds this week. I don’t feel deprived at all!

Alexis *

*Name has been changed for privacy


I’ve been conscious of adding more carbs as I was doing keto before (so big change!) I have actually lost weight the last 2 weeks!


Here's What You'll Learn

     This 8 week program will give you the tools you need to lose what weighs

you down - on your body, in your mind and on your soul

  • Week 1 - Renew

    Renew your self and body image using what God says about you

  • Week 2 - Reset

    ​Understand how metabolism works and assess if your body is ready for fat loss.

  • Week 3 - Replenish

    Learn easy meal prep and how to build macro-balanced meals for better blood sugar control and normal hunger/satiety signals

  • Week 4- Refeed

    Learn how to reverse diet to increase metabolic rate while eating more.

  • Week 5 - Rest

    ​​Reduce your stress and improve sleep habits for more metabolic benefit

  • Week 6 - Recomposition

    Lear how to exercise for increased muscle mass and strength

  • Week 7 - Recomposition

    Learn how to cut body fat in a healthy way that doesn't harm your health.

  • Week 8 - Reassses

    Learn how to deal with plateaus and set new and better goals for yourself.

You ARE A Good Fit for The Program If...

  • You’re a Christian woman with at least 10 pounds to lose
  • You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and try new diet and exercise strategies that can help you reach your ideal weight
  • You’re committed to being patient and take consistent action to see lasting results
  • You’re ready to commit to your mental and spiritual health as much as your physical health
  • You’ve tried other diets before (and they’ve failed) but you’re not giving up and are looking for a plan that works

" The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."  John 10:10


And if you want to stop the thief from stealing, killing, and destroying your life through negative body image and restrictive diets and you want the full, free life that God has for you...while still seeing weight loss and/or muscle building progress...


This program is your answer!

You're NOT A Good Fit If...

  • You have an eating disorder or are in recovery currently

  • ​​You’re expecting a quick fix or rapid (unsustainable) weight loss

  • You refuse to track anything or learn about portion sizes

  • You are uncomfortable or turned off by talking about God

  • You don’t care if your dieting habits are harming your mental and spiritual health (and even your physical health!)

  • All you care about is the number on the scale

Want To Make This Your Reality?

Looking after your whole health with ​The Body Mind and Soul Method is your only pathway to achieve all of this, and more. 


Without using this method, you'll continue to stay stuck with restrictive diets, continuing to lowering your calorie and being hangry and still not getting results.  If that was the way to go, wouldn't you already have the results you want?